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Due to these times of uncertainty, we do not have any craft-shows scheduled until mid-September.  However, we are selling at Josh’s Farmers Market on select Saturdays through November. Please refer to our Facebook page for upcoming dates. They will be posted as soon as they are confirmed.

This is our proposed schedule of events and appearances. We’re not 100% confident that these will occur but thought it better to post them and then make corrections as we go. This list includes our proposed schedule for Josh’s as well. As always, check our Facebook page for updates.

July 25th- Josh’s Farmers Market 9-3

August 8th- Josh’s Farmers Market 9-3

August 22nd- Josh’s Farmers Market 9-3

September 5th- Josh’s Farmers Market 9-3

September 19th- Tawba Walk in Cornelius 2-8  Check back for show confirmation and booth location.

October 3rd- Josh’s Farmers Market 9-3

October 10th- Oaks Festival in Mocksville, NC. Check back for show confirmation, hours and booth location.

October 17th- Huntersville Fall Festival 11-4 Rural Vineyards. Check back for show confirmation and booth location.

October 24th- Josh’s Farmers Market 9-3

November 7th- Josh’s Farmers Market 9-3

November 21st- Josh’s Farmers Market 9-3

December 1st- Sip and Shop at The Point 1-8. Check back for show confirmation and booth location.

December 12th- Christmas in Cornelius. Check back for show confirmation, hours and booth location.

New items are being listed daily, please check back often. Thanks.


A late 2019 season addition to our selection, these custom turned dibbles will make your gardening friends jealous. Marked off in either 1/2″ or 1″ increments, these dibbles are finished with six coats of lacquer for a long lasting finish. The small dibble is great for seed planting and the large works for planting bulbs. The small is 4.5″ and the large are 7″. All have a rubber coated knob at the top for comfortable use. Made from domestic assorted hardwoods.
Small Dibble-$10
Large Dibble-$15


Beautiful Box Elder Maple bowl turned from a tree grown in Concord, NC.  7.5″wide x 3″ tall. This bowl sits on three hand-carved legs which will prevent future wobbling. The finish is a high gloss lacquer.                                                                                                                           $45


Spalted Maple bowl from a tree grown in Troutman, NC. This bowl is 8″wide x 3″ tall. This bowl is very unique with  spalting lines running throughout the entire bowl.  Due to the softness of this wood, the surface is somewhat rustic although the finish is high gloss lacquer.


Ambrosia Maple bowl from a tree grown in Mooresville, NC. roughly 7.75″ wide x 3″ tall. The unique brown streaking through the bowl are caused by the ambrosia beetle borrowing through the tree without causing structural damage. This bowl is finished with high gloss lacquer.


Kettle style peppermills with various exotic wood bases. Fill the kettle with your favorite peppercorns and crank the handle, the freshly ground pepper will  fall out through the base. Adjust your grind by turning the small knob on the top. Wood species from the left; Canary, Bocote , Jobillo and  Katalox. The overall heights range from  8″ to  8.5″.  Having one of these mills on your dinner table will certainly catch the attention of your dinner guests. The finish on these mills is Howard’s Butcher Wax/Oil.


Spectraply combination salt shaker/pepper grinders . Handy to have when eating outdoors, take it to the table for both your salt and pepper needs. These have a ceramic grinding mechanism which can be used to grind pepper, course salt or some types of herbs. Pieces 1,2 and 4 are finished with a high gloss lacquer for easy clean-up. #3 has Howard’s Butcher Block Oil for a more subdued finish, also easy to clean. From the left: Caribbean Wave(sold), Southwest, Southwest and Macaw.

Pizza Wheels

Be the hit of your next pizza night with one of these beautiful pizza cutters. From the left: Hormigo wood, Jobillo wood and Spectraply Buckskin, Macaw, and Caribbean Wave. Stainless steel detachable wheel assemblies.   All handles have a gloss lacquer finish for easy cleaning.
Exotic wood-$42


The stainless steel wheel and cutter head simply unscrews for easy cleaning in your dishwasher. Wipe the handle with a damp cloth and reattach the head once cleaned. Keep it safely stored until your next pizza party.


The handiest gadget in your kitchen is one of these beautiful jar openers. With expanding jaws that range from 1′ to 3.875″, these openers handle those pesky water bottles up the the big mouth pickle and spaghetti sauce jars. Using more palm, wrist and arm muscles rather than your fingertips, these openers are great for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis or plain old age. So simple, a 5yr old can use them too! Handle lengths range from 4.25″ to 5.5″. From the left; Sapele, Bubinga, Jobillo and Spectraply Macaw, Buckskin, Caribbean Wave and Southwest.
Exotic woods-$27


Stainless steel heads make the these bottle openers the talk of any party, great for any ice-breaker guessing game. Beautiful exotic woods and Spectraply wood handles add a sense of luxury and playfulness. From the left; Spectraply Macaw and Caribbean Wave followed by Jobillo and Sapele woods. Roughly 5″ tall, these are finished with a high gloss lacquer for easy cleaning.
Exotic woods-$32


Beautiful and each one unique, our wooden bottle stoppers make a great gift coupled with a bottle of your favorite wine. Or, just have one for yourself and store your half bottles with a fancy stopper. They look great either on the fanciest of bars or on  your kitchen counter. Stoppers are stainless steel except for the corkscrew ( in front of stand) which has a beautiful chrome finish. The stoppers have neoprene rings certified safe by the FDA and fit most wine bottles. (Jugs excluded)  They are mix and match so you have choice of the bottom as well as the top. These are all exotic woods, imported from all over the globe. If you like a particular unit, let me know and I’ll send you close up pictures of it with the different bottoms screwed on. Exotic wood bottle stopper with standard bottom-$27 Exotic wood bottle stopper with corkscrew bottom-$30




This is our current assortment of Spectraply bottle stoppers. The stopper bottoms are the same as what we use on our wood bottle stoppers and are mix and match with these stoppers as well. If you see a particular stopper you like, let me know and Ill forward pictures to you of the top with the different bottoms available. Spectraply stopper top with standard bottom-$29 Spectraply stopper with corkscrew bottom-$32


Our current assortment of acrylic bottle stoppers. The second, third and fifth are homemade acrylics, mixed and cured right here in Mooresville, NC. I’m just getting into making acrylics so sometimes I have success and sometimes not. It’s a learning thing but loads of fun. Same as the other assortments, the bottoms are interchangeable with the tops. Please let me know if one, or several, catch your eye and I’ll send better close-up pictures.
Acrylic bottle stopper-$27
Acrylic bottle stopper with corkscrew-$30



Thanks for checking us out.  We must begin with sending out a huge thank you to all those fine folks who supported us in 2019 and earlier. As the 2020 season begins, we are looking forward to bringing more great products to you . Some new pieces and designs of household utensils  as well as truly original and custom turned bowls, vases and platters. All hand made in Mooresville, NC.

We are currently looking for new craft shows, pop-ups and sites to exhibit and sell our goods.  But as in years past, we will be setting up our shop at Josh’s Farmers Market right here in Mooresville on various Saturdays throughout the season.  


Product Samples* updated photos coming soon

These are sample photos of some products we have offered in the past. I’d be happy to turn anything you see here as long as my suppliers are open for orders for pieces like the shaving brush and certain pen fittings.

We currently do not price any of our samples shown here. If you are interested in a single item or need prices in general, please call;  Tom @   908-625-7554

Assortment of Silver-tip Badger Shaving Brushes. Matching sets with safety razors, Fusion or Mach3  handles and stands are available.

Spalted Maple turned barrel on an antique brass “Salute the Troops” pen kit. Many more patriotic pen styles are available including all branches of the military and many military campaign collages.


A small sampling of our over 50 pens. Special orders are always welcome.

Exotic Wood Bottle Stoppers

Acrylic Bottle Stoppers


Various salt/pepper mill combos and antique “kettle” style pepper mills. Antique brass and brushed copper finishes are shown on the kettles. Special orders are available where you pick the wood, turning style and finish. 

New in 2019 we have a large and beautiful collection of custom turned bowls

Ambrosia Maple bowl 7″w x 4″h

Australian burl small bowl (species unknown) SOLD!!

Jobillo small bowl SOLD!!

Bocote bowls

If you are interested in purchasing any of our products, please email us at “sales@HTGWoodcrafts.com” or give Tom a call.

HTG Woodcrafts 908-625-7554

Get In Touch – sales@htgwoodcrafts.com

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